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Does anyone have any suggestions as to the best procedure when moving IMAP providers/servers? I have a couple of domains with a couple of email addresses on each and 2-3 GB of mail on the server (and in Mailmate of course). I'm not 100% happy with my current provider, so I'm considering moving to a different one. But how best to do it without losing mail? And if anyone has any recommendations as to providers I'm all ears. Preferably northern Europe/Scandinavia. But anywhere in the world will do if there are compelling reasons to go there.

I think the suggestion for the best procedure might depend on who you migrate to.

I've been very happy with Fastmail. You don't mention if you're looking for a free provider or if you're willing to pay (and if the latter, whether you have a budget in mind), but part of why I'm happy with Fastmail is that I pay them. I know how they make their money. They're based in Australia, which means they are less vulnerable to invasive surveillance requests - they have a [great and clear privacy policy](https://www.fastmail.com/about/privacy.html). They are very open and they [blog often](https://blog.fastmail.com) about their development, policies, and security and privacy.

If you do go with Fastmail, then I have had good experience with their IMAP migration. I migrated a few accounts into my one Fastmail account and haven't noticed anything off. So with them, I would recommend you migrate through their site and then add the account to MailMate.

The alternative to using the new provider's migration tool is to add both old and new accounts to MailMate and move email from folders in the old account to folders in the new account.


P.S. If you do want to go with Fastmail, I could send you a referral code that would benefit us both, but I wholeheartedly recommend them whether you're interested in that or not.
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