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Does anyone have any suggestions as to the best procedure when moving IMAP providers/servers?

I've been very happy with Fastmail.

After more than two years (since my former excellent postmaster retired) I am as well.

But, if you have a lot of mail to move, Fastmail's migration tool leaves (or left, at the end of 2015) a lot to be desired. I tried it with one of my users. It did get the job done, but it was rather slow, and the only indication of progress was three tiny dots flashing in the very small new mail count icon on their web page. Maybe that's been improved since, I don't know, and I didn't complain about it or even mention it to them at the time.

So, I used imapsync for the rest. This is a highly configurable tool, meaning reading the documentation is necessary, and it costs €50, but it's as fast as your source and destination can run (running from my own L3 OC-3 at work in Los Angeles, though, Fastmail in New York City topped out at just 872KB/sec, while Opus1 was delivering data at 3.8MB/sec), can be set to display and log everything it's doing, etc, etc. Much more fun than dragging and dropping hundreds of mailboxes, heh.

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