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Does anyone have any suggestions as to the best procedure when moving IMAP providers/servers? I have a couple of domains with a couple of email addresses on each and 2-3 GB of mail on the server (and in Mailmate of course). I'm not 100% happy with my current provider, so I'm considering moving to a different one. But how best to do it without losing mail? And if anyone has any recommendations as to providers I'm all ears. Preferably northern Europe/Scandinavia. But anywhere in the world will do if there are compelling reasons to go there.

I'm using Binero.se with their basic hosting plan - email has worked just fine for me. Used Loopia.se previously (many years ago) but on a couple of occasions they screwed up email handling and didn't inform customers about what was happening etc so I'm staying away from them.

As for moving emails, I've done it the simple way: in my email client I've just dragged the emails from the account I had with one provider to the account I have with the other provider. The only time I've had problems with this is when moving to/from gmail (which is one reason why I'm staying away from them also).

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