That is REALLY hard to gauge..

While lots of rejected email addresses is expected behavior..
 * Spammers using old lists
 * Dictionary Attacks
 * Email Address verification Systems

It REALLY depends how your system is configured, what RBL's you are using, what is the email platform, do you employ rate limiters..

All of these factors affect percentages..

And it can change from day to day, week to week..
depending on the BOT activity at that time..

For instance, in todays stats.. we see a higher than normal rate of early detection (botnet activity) which results in the stats showing 98.4% of all email detected as spam (pre-filter).

Typically, DUL style RBL's and standard RBL's should be picking up at least 50% (a lot more if you don't have good inbound rate limiters)

More sensitive or special purpose RBL's can detect from 40-60% of what gets past those..

Invalid users should be less than 10% typically, if good bot net protection in place before the RCPT TO stage..

And simple 'Best Practices' policies and spam rules should get about 50% of the rest.. before handing it off to advanced content filtering..

Without full bot protection, RBL's and rate limiters BEFORE RCPT TO, you can expect MUCH higher rates..

Also, the stats will greatly vary, based on the number of domains whose MX points to your server. A server with only one domain will have a lot different stats than one with thousands of domains, even if they have an equal number of email addresses.

On 18-02-02 08:26 AM, Chris wrote:

I'm a bit surprised, that on a small mail server, 77 % of the rejected
mails are rejected because of invalid recipient adresses. 22 % because

Is this ratio normal?

Thank you in advance.

- Chris

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