Direct note just sent to Jonathan Mayer <>
below.  Letter to the Office of the Dean of the Faculty at Princeton
University will follow later.

Dear Jonathan:

I am a lawyer with an interest in online privacy.  You are named as a
"team member" on <>;.

While writing a polite note trying to understand how your name can be
associated with an initiative that seems to be so out of character with
your impressive and adimrable profile, I received notice of your
generic response to Anne P. Mitchell on the subject, in which you
characterize this part of the study as "requesting information from
websites" and generally state your openness to answer questions. [1]

With all due respect, your characterization omits the most important of
the many problematic aspects of the research: the fraudulent and
possibly illegal (I am not licensed to practice in the US but have been
told that CAN-SPAM applies) information requests ends up on the desk of
an individual person and that individual person is thus involuntarily
enrolled as research subject without meaningful consent.  Can you see
this point of view?

A letter to the Office of the Dean of the Faculty at Princeton
University is in preparation and will be sent out later today. [2]

At this point, the only question that may influence the content of that
letter is:  are the researchers responsible for the harvesting of email
addresses and the sending of fraudulent GPRD/CCPA requests willing to
suspend immediately all harvesting and emailing activity, pending
ethical review; and engage with the community on a redesign of their
harmful data collection practice?

[1] <>

[2] <>

Yuval Levy, JD, MBA, CFA
Ontario-licensed lawyer

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