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>> On 12/15/2021, Anne P. Mitchell, Esq. via mailop wrote:
>> > FYI, I have sent my own letter, with my full signature (same one as 
>> > below), to Princeton, including cc:ing the dept. chair, the abuse
>department, and the legal department.  I do hope you send yours, and soon, as 
>it would be a good 1-2 punch.
>> >
>> It would appear that other punches are being thrown elsewhere;
>Well, I'm sure this'll be a popular opinion, but I'm giving it anyway.
>Maybe let's try not to do something that'll screw up that college
>kid's life forever over their bit of stupidity. It's wrong, they
>shouldn't be doing it, but it's not for commercial gain, and the
>amount of bad mail being sent here in comparison to the amount of bad
>mail being sent by others is .000000001%. If I had a top ten list of
>spam problems I cared about, this would be #14, barely.

I'm not worried about the kid.  I'm worried that his department and the 
university's IRB
thinks that sending pretextual spam is OK.

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