A good letter! That said, I would prefer you keep the link to my post (and 
ideally the mention of me) out of it, otherwise it just seems like you are 
writing it because of me.


> On Dec 16, 2021, at 8:53 AM, yuv via mailop <mailop@mailop.org> wrote:
> Direct note just sent to Jonathan Mayer <jonathan.ma...@princeton.edu>
> below.  Letter to the Office of the Dean of the Faculty at Princeton
> University will follow later.
> Dear Jonathan:
> I am a lawyer with an interest in online privacy.  You are named as a
> "team member" on <https://measurement.cs.princeton.edu/privacystudy/>;.
> While writing a polite note trying to understand how your name can be
> associated with an initiative that seems to be so out of character with
> your impressive and adimrable profile, I received notice of your
> generic response to Anne P. Mitchell on the subject, in which you
> characterize this part of the study as "requesting information from
> websites" and generally state your openness to answer questions. [1]
> With all due respect, your characterization omits the most important of
> the many problematic aspects of the research: the fraudulent and
> possibly illegal (I am not licensed to practice in the US but have been
> told that CAN-SPAM applies) information requests ends up on the desk of
> an individual person and that individual person is thus involuntarily
> enrolled as research subject without meaningful consent.  Can you see
> this point of view?
> A letter to the Office of the Dean of the Faculty at Princeton
> University is in preparation and will be sent out later today. [2]
> At this point, the only question that may influence the content of that
> letter is:  are the researchers responsible for the harvesting of email
> addresses and the sending of fraudulent GPRD/CCPA requests willing to
> suspend immediately all harvesting and emailing activity, pending
> ethical review; and engage with the community on a redesign of their
> harmful data collection practice?
> [1] <https://www.mail-archive.com/mailop@mailop.org/msg14687.html>
> [2] <https://www.mail-archive.com/mailop@mailop.org/msg14679.html>
> Sincerely,
> -- 
> Yuval Levy, JD, MBA, CFA
> Ontario-licensed lawyer
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