I was writing a nice direct note to Jonathan following  Hal Murray's
lead when this email arrived.  Obviously too late to be nice.  I will
still send it out as an heads up, but I will also finish the Research
Misconduct letter and mail it out this afternoon.  After reading
Jonathan's profile, I find this so out of character, I wonder what his
explanation is.

Updates follow, thanks for your patience.  English is my fifth language
and when I have to write something important I am slower than I would
like to be, sorry.

On Thu, 2021-12-16 at 07:54 -0700, Anne P. Mitchell, Esq. via mailop
> As a follow up, to my letter, I received the following:
> > Thank you for reaching out about our research on the European Union
> > General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California
> > Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). A component of the study involves
> > requesting information from websites about how they have
> > implemented the consumer data access provisions of the GDPR and the
> > CCPA. Both the GDPR and CCPA provide for these types of information
> > requests. We would be glad to answer any questions you have about
> > the study goals, methods, and safeguards, and we welcome any
> > additional feedback you would like to provide.
> > 
> > Sincerely,
> > Jonathan
> That was really the wrong response.  I responded explaining *exactly*
> how they are in violation of U.S. Federal law (CAN-SPAM), and I cc:ed
> the chair of the compsci department, and Princeton's general legal
> counsel.  If you are going to send something, please let it be soon
> so as to make clear that I'm not a single cartoony voice crying in
> the wilderness.
> FWIW, here is the section of CAN-SPAM of which they are in violation:
> ‘‘§1037. Fraud and related activity in connection with electronic
> mail
> ‘‘(a) IN GENERAL.—Whoever, in or affecting interstate or foreign
> commerce, knowingly —
> ‘‘(2) uses a protected computer to relay or retransmit multiple
> commercial electronic mail messages, with the intent to deceive or
> mislead recipients, or any Internet access service, as to the origin
> of such messages,
> ‘‘(3) materially falsifies header information in multiple commercial
> electronic mail messages and intentionally initiates the transmission
> of such messages,
> ‘‘(4) registers, using information that materially falsifies the
> identity of the actual registrant, for five or more electronic
> mail accounts or online user accounts or two or more domain names,
> and intentionally initiates the transmission of multiple commercial
> electronic mail messages from any combination of such accounts or
> domain names, or
> ...shall be punished as provided in subsection (b).
> ‘‘(2) a fine under this title, imprisonment for not more than 3
> years, or both, if—
> ‘‘(A) the offense is an offense under subsection (a)(1); ‘‘(B) the
> offense is an offense under subsection (a)(4)
> and involved 20 or more falsified electronic mail or online user
> account registrations, or 10 or more falsified domain name
> registrations;
> ‘‘(C) the volume of electronic mail messages transmitted in
> furtherance of the offense exceeded 2,500 during any 24-hour period,
> 25,000 during any 30-day period, or 250,000 during any 1-year period;
> ‘‘(D) the offense caused loss to one or more persons aggregating
> $5,000 or more in value during any 1-year period;
> ‘‘(E) as a result of the offense any individual committing the
> offense obtained anything of value aggregating $5,000 or more during
> any 1-year period; or
> ‘‘(F) the offense was undertaken by the defendant in concert with
> three or more other persons with respect to whom the defendant
> occupied a position of organizer or leader;
> ---
> Anne
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> Author: Section 6 of the Federal CAN-SPAM Law
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> Chair Emeritus, Asilomar Microcomputer Workshop
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