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> On 12/15/2021, Anne P. Mitchell, Esq. via mailop wrote:
> > FYI, I have sent my own letter, with my full signature (same one as below), 
> > to Princeton, including cc:ing the dept. chair, the abuse department, and 
> > the legal department.  I do hope you send yours, and soon, as it would be a 
> > good 1-2 punch.
> >
> It would appear that other punches are being thrown elsewhere;
> https://www.spamhaus.org/sbl/query/SBL538721

Well, I'm sure this'll be a popular opinion, but I'm giving it anyway.
Maybe let's try not to do something that'll screw up that college
kid's life forever over their bit of stupidity. It's wrong, they
shouldn't be doing it, but it's not for commercial gain, and the
amount of bad mail being sent here in comparison to the amount of bad
mail being sent by others is .000000001%. If I had a top ten list of
spam problems I cared about, this would be #14, barely.

Not every annoying gnat needs a nuclear missile response. (Quite
possibly, few-to-none of them do.)

I'm getting a deja vu feeling from when somebody tried to get my
friend thrown out of college 25 years ago for doing open relay testing
after being told to stop. In both cases, what the person was doing was
stupid, but the response was way over the top. That was dumb then and
this is dumb now.

Al Iverson

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