How can we demonstrate the 'state of nature' prior to 
the revolution?

How do you negate the capitalist worldview scientifically? Surely to 
delete capitalism from the make-up of the world always ends-up 
looking like a previous stage in history as that is the only basis of 
comparison. This is what most Utopian Socialist writing do. To say 
that people are not naturally capitalist leave open lots of 
historical example of non-capitalist humanity for previous historical 

I don't understand what inital point you are making as you end by 
agreeing that 'what we actually are, as you recognise, will be found 
out after' the revolution. 

> I think you are being a bit harsh on anarchists

I specifically avoided reference to anarchists in general I was only 
comparing him to that extreme for of left wing liberalism which often 
manifests itself within the tradition of anarchism and again only 
that section which tends towards Utopianism (often quite openly). 
Out-and-out anarchism I greatly admire what I despice is people 
holding such views mascarading as revolutionary Marxists.

What anarchists were you thinking of who shun morals and/or ethics?


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