You shoudnt be so sensitive Rob.
My post was directed to Simon and his World Socialism.
If you identify with this current that's your problem.
By the way pb covers those like you and me who own their own tools of 
intellectual trade.
Parasitism? Depends what you do with the state pay check.
Blueprint.  Definitely. Russia failed to live up to it.
exploiting defeat?  Well the menshies took a back seat until the 
end of the SU, not wanting to own up to any affinity with Stalin.
Then they popped up all fresh with their Eurocentric patented 
democratic socialism. That's what is patronising, including the 
belief that we are not onto you.

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> Whilst I obviously tend to Simon's general point of view (although I'm
> closer to Hugh on the finance/'productive capital' question) - and I do
> find it strange to be considered 'pb' when we own nothing, 'parasites' when
> we ask nothing, 'offering blueprints' when that is precisely what we know
> we can not do, 'exploiting defeat' when it is all we hold dear that is
> being defeated, and 'patronising' for believing in the potency of
> democratic activism - I'd've thought we had better things to talk about.
> Like the democratic activism going on in and regarding Seattle.
> That consumate poll-watching politician par excellence, Clinton, is
> actually opting to walk the thin high wire on this one - and the attempts
> to ridicule the protesters are waning because this is too big, right across
> the spectrum - and that little distinction between what is human and what
> is market is pressing itself on people's attention around the world - and
> third-worlders are feeling sufficiently cocky to talk about power gaps in
> globalist paradise - and people are asking loudly how does the
> socio-economic system we have address the gaps it immanently produces - and
> our suits are coming to learn no-one is swallowing their tripe any more -
> and unionists, students, anarchists, greenies and Marxists are getting used
> to the feel of each others' shoulders again - and they're learning that the
> great democracy's answer to popular expression comes from the barrels of
> guns - but they're also tasting popular potency for the first time in a
> generation.  All this in the belly of the beast, too!
> Geez, that wouldabeen nice to talk about, eh?
> Obviously not.
> Cheers,
> Rob.
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