Coupla comments on the "dialectical materialism" question. But first my
comment on what Louis Althusser was shouting as he strangled, Helene his
psychoanalyst, French Resistance veteran, wife, "I extinguish subjectivity!
Oops, I am now, a process without a subject!"
   Recently I got, Alvin Gouldner's, "The Two Marxism's," which I recommend
along with his, "The Coming Crisis Of Western Sociology." Gouldner from my
cursory skim so far, disputes the picture of Engel's "scientism" and
schematicism that authors like Norman Levine presented in, "Engels Contra
Marxism." From my reading I gather that those who dis the diamat
that was the ABC's of Marxism to new militants
60 odd years ago, along with the Stalin Short Course on the History of the
CPSU(B), blame
sugar daddy Fred Engels for the distortion of Karl's more elegant histmat
model. I don't have
a dog in this fight, what do other Thaxians have
to say?
   Oh, and btw, "Praxis" we all imbibed back in those neo-Marxist Gramscian
70's. What is "Thaxis" though?
                             Michael Pugliese

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