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On 7/22/14 5:39 PM, h0ost via Marxism wrote:
Can you name a contemporary state that has good "truth telling" record,
so we can compare it to the Russians?  The U.S.?

The truth is that they are mirror images of each other. When Russians shot down a Korean airliner, there were clear signs that the plane had been testing Soviet air defenses. But both countries pushed CYA excuses for weeks afterwards. In this instance, however Occam's Razor applies. Given what we know, it seems incontrovertible that a separatist missile brought the plane down. If I had been Putin or his pit bulldog in Donetsk, I would have given a speech regretting the loss of life but put the blame on NATO, the EU, Samantha Power, George Soros, Nicholas Kristof, the Illuminati, and the Unrepentant Marxist blog for creating the conditions that made such a tragic incident possible.
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