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> "Oh yes, we admit that we're in league with the National Socialists, that we 
> together with the National Socialists, want to destroy the existing social 
> system . . . Bolshevism and Fascism share a common goal; the destruction of 
> capitalism and of the Social Democratic Party. To achieve this aim we are 
> justified in using every means."
> --Horst Sindermann, German CP leader, 1930

Are you sure about the date? Wikipedia has this about Sindermann:

"Horst Sindermann joined the Communist Youth Federation (KJVD) in 1929 and in 
1932 became a local functionary in Dresden. The group was banned by the Nazi 
regime and in June 1933, Sindermann was arrested and condemned to eight months 
of imprisonment for illegal political activities. In September 1934, he became 
political director of the KJVD's Dresden branch.”

In 1930, Sindermann was not a CP leader. What is the source?

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