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On 9/6/17 3:30 PM, Ken Hiebert via Marxism wrote:
Ken Hiebert replies:
Whatever criticism we have of the Communist Party of Germany and other 
Stalinist organizations, we must respect that many militants stayed at their 
posts even in the darkest days of Nazi rule and contributed to the defeat of 
the Nazis.

Louis Proyect:
What defeat are you talking about? Hitler took power in 1933 and threw all the 
CP'ers into concentration camps. Those who avoided this fate worked in a very 
weak underground. It was military force that defeated Hitler unless I don't get 
your point.

Ken Hiebert:
I was thinking of the military defeat of Germany.  It is my understanding that 
CP militants were able to send information to the Soviet Union.  This does not 
take away from your point that the German CP was for the most part crushed and 
survived only in a much weakened state.
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