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n 9/6/17 2:36 PM, Patrick Bond wrote:
Fast forward a bit, though, and you will find Harro Schulze-Boysen 
(mygrandmother's favorite cousin) leading a Red Orchestra group of Communists 
who harassed the Nazi regime from the early 1930s, and fed information to 
Moscow (and later Washington), until they were caught and executed in 1942. 
There was no ideological confusion there.

Louis Proyect:
Yeah, well, look. The official policy of the KPD was to oppose "social 
fascism". This meant regarding the social democrats as bad as Hitler, even 
worse. I am working on an article about this right now in fact, mostly as a way 
of showing how stopping Hitler could not be reduced to "punching a Nazi”.

Ken Hiebert replies:
Whatever criticism we have of the Communist Party of Germany and other 
Stalinist organizations, we must respect that many militants stayed at their 
posts even in the darkest days of Nazi rule and contributed to the defeat of 
the Nazis.
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