As I see there are plenty of people who would like to work further on mc, it 
would be very sad if these people will work on different versions, as this is 
ineffective, and tend to end in even more dead projects. 

My suggestion would be to have at first a look who wants to help to develop mc 
further and then where to do this. 
Personally I would like to make a viewable break to the development which was 
done until now, this mean: a new repository (not longer the CVS (as CVS is 
ancient in my eyes and svn or git is much better). 

So: At first the people who would like to work on mc should send a: "I would 
like to do something". 

After we know who want's to work on mc we have to decide where to work on it: 
Either on savannah, or on the new/forked mc project.

No matter where we will work further on it I'll help :)


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