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Patrick Winnertz wrote:

> Well,, this should be quite easy.
> Have a look on the git-svn tool. You should be able to create a git checkout 
> from your svn stuff.. After this it's very easy to pick each commit and apply 
> it on the new git repro. This is maybe a effort of ~2-3 hours. 
Good. But some revisions needed to re-watch.

>> BTW, Many people do not know English, but use mc. I would like to
>> consider a system that allows such people to participate in the
>> improvement project.
> Well.. as long as the development is in english and in one repository (with 
> maybe several branches to test things). This is a good idea. If this means to 
> also have several repros this is in my eyes a very bad idea.

No-no, repro one for all.

Several branches is like for me: /branches/x.x.x - only to bug fixing of
/tags/x.x.x; /sandbox - to test things, new ideas, etc. More order in
mind, IMHO :)

>> The scheme of multinational sub-projects are very difficult, but allowed
>> very large numbers of people to participate in the development, testing
>> and improvement project.
> Yes. 
> I would suggest to start with one repro for the development with a main 
> bugtracker (which is in english) and then have your bugtracker for the 
> russian 
> things. 

As I known, trac required only local repro. This mean, you will create
second trac and *.ini, *.db files from our trac will transferred.

> Is this okay for you? 

For me - absolutely yes. For a team I started vote:
You can see through translate.google.com:)

> If yes I'll set up a trac on my private server until I find a better solution.
> If this repro is ready I'll ping you and we can start to migrate you patches 
> into the git repro. Is this okay for you (and the rest of the team?)

Just wait for results of vote, please.
As I said, personally for me answer "yes" :)

WBR, Slavaz

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