Am Friday 19 December 2008 05:28:56 schrieben Sie:
> Hello, Miguel!
> Quoting Miguel de Icaza <>:
> > I would personally like to see mc move to git, there are nice hosting
> > services like github, it is easy to fork and it is easy to review
> > patches from third parties.
> I'm maintaining a git mirror of the mc repository:
> It's updated automatically.  It can be just cloned for further
> development.  I took care to provide full names of all committers ever
> committing anything to the mc repository.
Yes.. this would be great. 
Would it be possible to migrate your patches against mc into a new build up 
git repro which is cloned from this mirror? If yes: Is your host also captable 
of hosting git repros? 

If not I would setup a trac with git backend on my private server until we find 
a better solution where to host the repro. 


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