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Patrick Winnertz wrote:

>> It's updated automatically.  It can be just cloned for further
>> development.  I took care to provide full names of all committers ever
>> committing anything to the mc repository.
> Yes.. this would be great. 
> Would it be possible to migrate your patches against mc into a new build up 
> git repro which is cloned from this mirror? If yes: Is your host also 
> captable 
> of hosting git repros? 

Many patches(Fedora, debian) applied in one revision at start of
project, sorry. Many own patches is relative to previous patches.

Is it possible to migrate? Gm... Nothing is impossible :) But this will
require much effort and time.

> If not I would setup a trac with git backend on my private server until we 
> find 
> a better solution where to host the repro. 

May be this good solution.

BTW, Many people do not know English, but use mc. I would like to
consider a system that allows such people to participate in the
improvement project.

For example, to establish national sub-projects (bugtrackers), of which
bugreports translated and transferred to the main (English) project by
administrators of sub-projects. Administrators do not transfer all
bugreports - duplicates, invalid bugreports, "wontfix" and etc. remain
in the sub-project. The main bugreport-system remains clean (developers
work inly with main bugtracking system).
Repository source for all subprojects one, so the fixing of bugs will be
seen in all sub-project. Administrators of subprojects will see comments
on the revision and would close corresponding bugreports. Or/and will
see status of own English bugreport and then change status of relative
bugreport in sub-project.

The scheme of multinational sub-projects are very difficult, but allowed
very large numbers of people to participate in the development, testing
and improvement project.

WBR, Slavaz.
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