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Enrico Weigelt wrote:

> I think the most important is to have official tree as global reference
> and release point. Everyone else should work relative to the lastest
> official release and submit his patches against it. These patches should 
> go to this list, be discussed here and then, if considered good, be applied
> to the official tree. 
> IMHO we should start with the latest stable release (4.6.1 ?) and apply
> all the vendor/distro patches floating around step by step (*1). Once  
> that's done, we should make a new official release very soon.

I propose to establish two branches: "stable" and "current" (in git, of
"Stable" branch will contain all founded patches (Fedora, Debian/Ubuntu,
Gentoo,...), new ideas and features.
The "stable" branch will provide the solutions that were tested in the
"current" tree. The "stable" branch will lag behind in development, but
will be secure and stable (for example, good for RHEL/CentOS, SLES, etc).
This scheme would not hinder the development of mc, and at the same time
will allow a stable release.

> If we need a new hosting place, I can offer that (*2).

> As for the Russian issue: we devs should really agree on one well-spoken
> language, English. Those who're not yet capable of speaking English, 
> could be proxied by others. That speaking of *development* - end user 
> support is an different issue.
Between developers one language: English (because Esperanto don't all
know... ;) BTW, It would be a good idea that the world learned Esperanto
in schools... IMHO :) ).

National subprojects facilitate communication and reduce the dirt in
(English) project (diplicates, invalid bugreports, etc).

> *1: I'm currently in the process of reviewing Gentoo's patches and 
> sending them to the list. 
It's good. All existing patches are to gather in one place.
BTW, look, please, http://www.midnight-commander.org

I think that this URL will be the main location for bugreports...

WBR, Slavaz

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