Hi folks,

I think the most important is to have official tree as global reference
and release point. Everyone else should work relative to the lastest
official release and submit his patches against it. These patches should 
go to this list, be discussed here and then, if considered good, be applied
to the official tree. 

IMHO we should start with the latest stable release (4.6.1 ?) and apply
all the vendor/distro patches floating around step by step (*1). Once  
that's done, we should make a new official release very soon.

If we need a new hosting place, I can offer that (*2).

As for the Russian issue: we devs should really agree on one well-spoken
language, English. Those who're not yet capable of speaking English, 
could be proxied by others. That speaking of *development* - end user 
support is an different issue.


*1: I'm currently in the process of reviewing Gentoo's patches and 
sending them to the list. 

*2: I could use a bit assistance in setting up trac on lighttpd, 
for some strange reason, authentication refuses to work at my site :(
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