Is there any way to build a hinged recessed box like a medicine cabinet with a 
frame? You could possible plug in a usb fan to circulate air as well.

Richard Cloutier
Building/IT Coordinator
Red Deer Museum + Art Gallery

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Subject: [MCN-L] Embedding LCD screens in new walls?

Has anyone had experience burying an LCD display in a wall, so as to hide the 
frame and/or crop the image to a desired aspect ratio? Our curators and 
designers (not responsible for the well-being of the equipment) are keen on the 
idea, as it will no doubt give the exhibition a nice clean look. However as the 
technical producer, I feel very uncomfortable putting any piece of equipment 
someplace I can't get to it, i.e. behind taped and painted seams.  Even if you 
were guaranteed the equipment would have adequate ventilation, would you agree 
to install equipment without maintenance access?

The question I'm often asked is, "will you need to get to it?" To which I 
respond, "I shouldn't, but I might." It's true, but it feels like a flimsy 
answer, so I'm curious to know how others have handled this situation, or how 
you would handle it.

Thanks so much,


Technical Producer, Gallery Media
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
gscharoun at | 617-369-3512

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