I would go for an inwall mount like this:

Alos is this for a long term exhibit or a 3-4 month one?  I  would
obviously be more concerned on a long one.


On Mon, Sep 16, 2013 at 8:40 AM, George Scharoun <GScharoun at mfa.org> wrote:

> Has anyone had experience burying an LCD display in a wall, so as to hide
> the frame and/or crop the image to a desired aspect ratio? Our curators and
> designers (not responsible for the well-being of the equipment) are keen on
> the idea, as it will no doubt give the exhibition a nice clean look.
> However as the technical producer, I feel very uncomfortable putting any
> piece of equipment someplace I can't get to it, i.e. behind taped and
> painted seams.  Even if you were guaranteed the equipment would have
> adequate ventilation, would you agree to install equipment without
> maintenance access?
> The question I'm often asked is, "will you need to get to it?" To which I
> respond, "I shouldn't, but I might." It's true, but it feels like a flimsy
> answer, so I'm curious to know how others have handled this situation, or
> how you would handle it.
> Thanks so much,
> George
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