Hello All!
I’m having a bit of a discussion with upper management concerning a big 
upcoming show and the build-out of a microsite for it and I need some 
recommendations/ expertise from this knowledgeable group.

What has been your experience building microsites in terms of urls? Is there a 
best practice? For instance, should we stick with 
“ourmuseum.org/specialexhibition” for example, which would be our museum url 
with the special exhibition as a subset of our brand, or is it preferable to 
get a custom url such as “specialexhibitionatourmuseum.org?” There is a desire 
in upper management to have a special url because they think that will make the 
exhibition seem more special but for practical purposes I’m thinking we 
shouldn’t leave our brand url and we should keep it as simple and easy to 
remember as possible and that most people aren’t going to care what the url is, 
only that they can remember it. What does your museum do? Your advice as always 
is very much appreciated.

Jewel Clark

Jewel Clark
Digital Technologies and Websites manager

Heard Museum
2301 N. Central Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85004
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