I replaced the badly worn belt tensioner lever (and pulley) on the '90
300D 2.5. last Wed. (beautiful day - 65F, sunny). The bolt that holds
the assembly to front of the timing case is supposed to be torqued to
100NM, about 74Lb/Ft.  I don't know how far I got, but as I was
tightening it, it reached a point where it felt like the pressure was
constant, and the bolt was still turning. It was very similar to the
felling you get from a bolt that is about to strip out the treads.
Since this is screwing into the aluminum case, I stopped. The bolt
does have a copious quantitiy of blue locktite (after cleaning the
threads), so I'm going to watch it and see if it stays in place.
I vagely remember a similar experience when I replaced the same part on the SDL.

Anyone else have this experience? Were the bearings just getting
pressed into place, or are the threads really in danger of stripping?
Norman, OK
'90 300D, '87 300SDL,  '81 240D,  '78 450SLC
The FSM created the Diesel Benz

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