> The answer is YES! In early OM60x engines MANY timing covers were
> stripped when tightened down. I can't tell you if it was carelessness
> (not using a torque wrench) or that the cover (its been revised at least
> once - maybe more) really was inadequate.

I was using the torque wrench, but don't think I reached much more
than 40-50 Lb/Ft. before it started feeling "scary".

> Dave M. has had the cover fail (really messy) and has pictures to prove
> it. Replacement of the timing cover is a BIG job (8-10 hours flat rate
> time as I recall). I have seen the threads strip. Later models should
> not be as vulnerable (I have NOT heard of NEARLY as many tensioner arm
> failures of any sort in '90s cars as with the assemblies in mid '80s cars)
> Marshall

I remember Dave's ordeal --

Guess I was hoping that the '90 model would have been improved already.

Have there been any reports of successfully replacing the bearings in
the lever arm??

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