I think if I remember correctly from my 190D, the main fan was engaged at 100C & cut off once the temp lowered to around 90C-95C. High speed aux was set to trigger at 110C. Perhaps you have a bad or incorrect temp switch installed?

On 7/13/2013 10:53 AM, Curt Raymond wrote:
As installed on a 601 I've never been really happy with them as they
don't turn on until the engine is quite hot. I've thought about
sneaking a lower temp sensor (there are 3, one for the gauge, one for
the fan clutch, one for the aux fan) to see if I could get it to lock
up sooner.

Chris J.
MBCA Peachtree section
Past MB Models:
'85 190D 2.2, '94 E420, '87 260E

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