I certainly don't want to get into a battle between truckers and non truckers. I just rant on certain topics that push my buttons, and peoples' driving behavior is one of the biggest.

I knew we would have a healthy trucker contingent among the dieselers. God love 'em. In fact my very mother drives a city bus for a living, and one of the things she says is that nobody wants to get behind a bus, so all sorts of people dash out in front of her. I also see people engaging in similar behavior with semis. I know if I drove one for a living, I'd be absolutely steaming each of the 10 times that happened to me per day.

I just have a strong aversion to the sort of primal behavior that says "I'm bigger than you, so you'd better move." By no means is this limited to semis. The smaller your vehicle, the less respect you get. It's subconscious and automatic. It also applies to conflicts between bicycles and even the smallest compact.

Yes, it is smart to move out of the way of trouble, but it's pitiful to see the effect that different vehicles have on people. When I see some dude all amped-up on the sense of power that his gnarly full-size 4x4 gives him, I just think you know, eventually you, just like me, have to step out of your vehicle and plant your feet on the ground. And if someone like that gets aggressive with me on the roadway, I often invite them personally to do just that. If you can prove you're tough face to face and empty-handed, then you'll get my respect.

Also interesting, and enjoyable, is the range of personalities on this list. Some of us have run off with this thread in the direction of driving behaviors and the basal human causes behind them (actually that last part has just been me), and some have cheerfully gone on about which chassis types are quicker. This is why it's so fun to look at this stuff when I should be working.

83 240D

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Phil thanks for your view a few rebuttals and I am going to quite on this

"For reference, I have logged over 300,000 miles in a big truck. I have
driven nearly 1,000,000 total"

I have driven 40,000 to 70,000 miles a year in a car since 1984.  That puts
me close to a million miles too, much of it with trucks at my side or
breathing down my back.


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