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So, don't beat me up too hard. I bought a '91 190E 2.6 gasser this week. It
has 99k.  Everything works on it.

I haven't picked it up yet.  I plan to use it winters while the diesel is
hibernating from the road salt here in RI.

It is a 201 with one owner- all records, original paint.  Accident cracked
front bumper plastic, which was replaced. Owner showed all body panels and
matching numbers etc.

It has the blue MBtex which I love- and I hear that the 2.6 is a reliable
and powerful motor.  Yes, I know there is little space under the hood and
that the water pumps tend to fail with 120k on them.

Does anyone have a gasser 190?  What experiences have you had?  I wanted a
diesel, but the diesel 190's go for foolish prices and I just can't afford

See photos at

Anyways, it is a benz and that means fun driving and pulling it apart.

John Peterson
Kingston RI 1991 300D 2.5 77k

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