On 1/18/06, Tom Scordato <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Just ran into a business associate of mine.  He is real proud of his new VW
> TDI.  Loves it.  Except the time recently he filled it with GASOLINE.  A
> $700 dollar mistake.

That's probably the one nice thing about not having self-serve gas in
Oregon!  If the moron high-school-dropout pump jockey makes that
mistake, the station owner, not me, will be shelling out the cost of
the necessary repairs.  I've been thinking about this a lot lately
since the station I usually go to (convenient on the way home from
work) seems to have just hired a new batch of said morons, all of whom
need to be told "IT'S A DEEEE-ZEL!" loudly and slowly three or four
times before they get the message and reach for the green-handled

Alex Chamberlain
'87 300D Turbo

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