@&!%)&*#%)&^$%&!)[EMAIL PROTECTED])*^#)%^#%)&*%#.  I #%)(*&#%ing _hate_ having 
high-school-dropout pump jockeys" touch anything that touches my cars....
OOOOH.  I have made it standard practice to get out and supervise every
fillup, ever since the MH-S-DPJ went for the regular instead of premium
nozzle filling my 944 - of course, I'm still buckled in, yelling at him,
trying to get out of car, etc...then of course I'm in Klamath Falls, which
(for those not familiar) is beyond the shallow end of the gene pool - we are
talking the separate kiddie wading pool with lots of pee in it, with a
broken pump and no chlorination - so I go inside to get a refund for the
amount of wrong gas that was pumped in, and the mouth-breathing troglodyte
can't understand what the problem could possibly be - the idea that they
would actually need to compensate for their screw-up was like The Refund
Request From Outer Space or something!!!  Anyway, I'm only in this hell-hole
till I get out of school round 2, and I will never locate in a place with
this stupid law ever again....

Oh, two more MH-S-DPJ stories - one was the guy who, in trying to get the
gas nozzle to stay (chancy at best on the 944) so he could wander off and
pick his nose, tried to insert the nozzle upside down and lean it on the
open filler door - which is not in the slightest bit a load-bearing part.
At least this occurred after the supervision-always policy had been
implemented.  Every time now, I just tell them they have to hold it - don't
even try making it rest on the fender.  This has produced several brilliant
engineering analyses - "I wonder why they designed this like that."
Probably they had other considerations in mind, and it never occurred to
them that some complete retard would be touching the car....  The other one
was pulling into station - first fillup on the 300SD actually - clatter and
all - this station has a separate pump island for diesel - MH-S-DPJ watches
(and presumably hears) me pull up, and still confirms that "you do need
diesel?"  Sigh.  I guess I should be grateful after reading the story below
though!!!  Ah, and the worst part is, I had heard anecdotally that if you
had a diesel you could fill it yourself here - turns out that only applies
to commercial users (I'm guessing this exception exists simply because a
truck stop would have to have an army of guys filling rigs that take a long
time to fill).  So I was all excited, but then got to have this trog tell me
that no, I don't actually get to fill it myself if I want....  

By the way, AFAIK, this law is in place not for environmental or safety
reasons, but to create jobs for MH-S-DPJs.  I'm sure there are defenders of
the law that cite how nice it is for Granny on fixed income to not have to
pump gas on slippery ice and pay more than the self-serve types (nice false
logic anyway, since the price is higher for everyone - funny how public
nanny types don't go the other way - "It would be good for Granny to save a
few bucks a month by being able to pump her own"), but the primary reason
appears to be job creation...this is also anecdotal but from several


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> That's probably the one nice thing about not having 
> self-serve gas in Oregon!  If the moron high-school-dropout 
> pump jockey makes that mistake, the station owner, not me, 
> will be shelling out the cost of the necessary repairs.  I've 
> been thinking about this a lot lately since the station I 
> usually go to (convenient on the way home from
> work) seems to have just hired a new batch of said morons, 
> all of whom need to be told "IT'S A DEEEE-ZEL!" loudly and 
> slowly three or four times before they get the message and 
> reach for the green-handled pump.
> Alex Chamberlain
> '87 300D Turbo

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