Say I thought that in Oregon you can pump your own diesel, because the law only applies
to pumping gasoline.

Yes an om617 will run on 6 parts gasoline, 1 part diesel. Not recommended, ran just under $300 for car rental, flushing, disposal, etc including the cost of $60 for the gas...

On 19-Jan-06, at 8:40 AM, Tim C wrote:

@&!%)&*#%)&^$%&!)[EMAIL PROTECTED])*^#)%^#%)&*%#. I #%)(*&#%ing _hate_ having "moron high-school-dropout pump jockeys" touch anything that touches my cars....

1983 300TDt  360k Kilometers (mobil 1 Delvac)
1990 300TDt  158k Kilometers (mobil 1 Delvac)
1993 500SEL 170k Kilometers (mobil 1 0w40)

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