Do you have an idea what the fuelconsumption is at say pulling 30KW.
1 KWh is ~ $ 0.15 in residental use nowadays.

I pay 4.3 cents per kWH.  Thank you Columbia River!
(Other suppliers here charge up to 2x this.)

Our power bill is still something like $250/mo in
winter (electric heat), and I'm told that electric
is again cheaper than gas here.  As I'm unemployed,
I'm heating entirely with wood.

Probably like a car pulling 50hp on propane. A quick guestimate
is giving me 10+ gallons per hour at $1.60 per gallon, say
50 to 60 cents per kwh.

I fear it may be in that range.  Makes my two 10-gallon
tanks look pretty feeble!  Makes the big BBQ tanks look
pretty feeble too.  The ultimate plan, assuming we keep
this generator, is to hook it into the (future) hot tub
propane tank.

The first time we use it for real I'll probably learn a
lot more about its consumption.  I just hesitate to run
a test 'cause I'm unemployed and don't want to waste it.

-- Jim

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