The clamp-on forks are useful but with two drawbacks:  (1) you can't see
what you are doing when the bucket blocks your view and (2) you will bend
the bucket if you overload them (the loader is stronger than the lip of the

Still they are quite useful for the money.  I got a set just to unload
palletized deliveries to my farm.  The driver just pulls off the road, moves
the pallet to the back of the truck with his pallet jack, and I slip the
forks under he pallet to unload.  You may want back ballast (like a mower or
box blade) to lift heavier stuff with the loader.  For several reasons, you
don't want the back wheels to leave the ground.

While visiting my brother-in-law's farm in Virginia, he introduced me to a
new term:  "tractor envy".

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> I think this tractor is one of the best things since sliced bread. Today
at old okie
> acres I used it to load up a HUGE tree that blew down that I cut up.
Later at
> home I used it to move 124 around. While the FEL wont lift the front of a
> off the ground, it will lift it up enough then I can push it to where I
want.  I
> managed to screw up the already broken front bumper air dam a little more
> with the front bucket.  So I am now thinking about buying some bucket
> which I could use to load engines that I am fixing to start moving, and
> moving cars can get the forks up under front of the car and lift.
> I am looking at these clamp on type like this which are cheap:
> steers/dp/B002ITHNWY/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1433555093&sr=8-
> 4&keywords=bucket+forks
> But thinking I should pony up more money and get this setup, which the
> bucket detaches from the FEL and you attach this, looks like it would work
> lot better
> Loaders/dp/B00A1D103W/ref=sr_1_13?ie=UTF8&qid=1433555181&sr=8-
> 13&keywords=bucket+forks
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