Wal-mart has 3 packs of Fruity Loomies for 8.46 and Hanes Hates The 2nd Amendment for $11.37. A brand I never heard of, Gildan, is 5 for 9.97 but not in any store within 50 miles of me.


GIldan makes lots of tshirts the screen printers use.

Curt, for heavy shirts check these out:

They last for years.

I also like the Blue Generation button shirts from screen printer/embroidery shops. They are about 25 bucks embroidered. I am fixin ta buy a few more of them some day. Mine are 10 years old and I've worn them almost every day. THe collars are wearing out now.

Best of all, they are not from the pencilneck bowtie girlieboys in san fransicko


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