> Meade wrote:
> I'm concerned because I've read in several forum posts that
> modern radios don't like how Mercedes grounded the speakers
> in the 80's, now I need to see how the Becker 1492
> installation compares to my 87 wagon, maybe in '94/'95
> Mercedes continued with its speaker grounding method and
> the 1492 won't care.

Ah.  They grounded one side of the speaker line - huh?
*shakes head*  Not a good idea.  Oh well.  It is what it is.

You might be able to test your 1492 with a meter.  Measure
the resistance between the various speaker "-" terminal.
Also measure from the "-" terminal to chassis ground.
Probably should check both polarities.  

Compare that to the same test procedure done with the "+"
terminals.  If the amp output is NOT ground referenced, the
two could be similar.  I don't know what values to expect.


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