The Republican "debates", including the Plan B debacle for junior
varsity (not-ready-for-prime-time) candidates, would be a great way to test
that concept.  The hot air emanating from these bloviators would generate
awesome pressure and take forever to cool.

On Wed, Jun 24, 2015 at 3:39 PM, fmiser via Mercedes <>

> > Andrew wrote:
> >
> > I used to think this was an elaborate hoax.  Now I am
> > leading in the other direction (non-hoax).
> > Canadian-based company NRStor Inc. set its sights on
> > solving the complicated and critical problem of energy
> > storage with technology that would compress air and store
> > it in salt caverns to backup the grid when the wind isn't
> > blowing.
> Interesting idea.
> I think if there is a hill that pumping water to the top will
> probably have less losses.  One issue with compressed gas is
> the act of compressing it makes it hot, and for long term
> storage that heat will be lost.  The greater the pressure,
> the greater the heat and the greater the loss.
> If they have figured out a way to effectively use
> low-pressure air to generate electricity, it might work out
> really good.  But if it's just a turbine, high pressure makes
> the turbine more effective, so there will be a compromise
> either way.
> Short term storage - as in day vs night - the heat could be
> retained and then the system looks pretty good.  Except for
> the explosion dangers.
> --  Philip, speaking before reading up on the details
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