Wow, I sure didn't expect that; being called an idiot!

If you were doing your own wrenching, I apologize.  If you
were using a 'trained' mechanic, then HE is the idiot!

It was explained to me, back when my tranny needed servicing,
that IF you take it out you ALWAYS replace those then-easy
seals, because the parts and incremental labor are cheap.
And you _don't_ want to have to pull it again the next year.
Or month.

After all, if one is already leaking the others may not be
far behind.  The rear seal can be done in-car, so there's
no need to do that one unless it _is_ leaking.

He didn't seem to know how the pump could be removed.

If I recall correctly, and yours is anything like mine,
it's four bolts right on the front.

-- Jim


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