SWMBO came in from short trip in the '87 300D, leaned over back of chair in 
cool living room where I was napping and announced, "Blown fuse in the car.  I 
was driving along with air conditioning blasting away nicely, and it just quit. 
 Don't ya think it's a blown fuse?"  

I replied, "Yep; sure hope that's all it is."  'Hobbled out to car thinking 30 
amp blower fuse had blown.  Loosened the two mounting screws thinking the fuse 
would fall apart as I removed it, but it did not.   Checked fuses in fuse box; 
'found #7 (for compressor and coupla other things) blown.  Because of my shaky 
hands, called SWMBO to help me put blower fuse back in place and R&R #7.  A/C 
blowing ice cold again.  

BTW, I did NOT change ALL the fuses.  ;<)


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