> archer75--- wrote:

 Windows 10: You'll get UPDATES LIKE IT or NOT - unless you
 have Enterprise Edition 'You agree to receive automatic
 updates without notice'

 That does it. I'm looking for another OS.

Put it behind a firewall, then block access to all MS hosts. *evil grin*

Never the less, I agree.  I think I should _own_ my system,
not "use in on loan from Microsoft".

I'm still able to use XP for all the things that require
MSWin, but I think I see the day approaching where I'll have
to upgrade.  Win7, I guess...

I am gonna be ordering my life so that if it won't run on XP, Mac or 'nix, it don't exist.

I need very little from the evil empire any more.

(MCSE Certified, Former MCT)


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