A 2002 Golf TDI should stomp on a Smart Car's fuel economy numbers.Golf is rated for 35/44 with the user average on fueleconomy.gov at 48, 2012 Smart Coupe is rated for 34/38 with the user number at 38.My '98 Jetta has regularly been turning in numbers over 50 this summer. I suspect the 2005 Golf I just got with its more powerful engine to be slightly below that. This is why the Smart makes no sense. Its too expensive and the fuel economy sucks for what you get. For the same price you could buy any other sub-compact, get twice as big a car and the same or BETTER fuel economy numbers.
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All the first-series Canadian-market Smart cars were diesels. Then they ruined it with the second series by offering only the gas model, coinciding with the start of sales into the US market.

Unfortunately the B-Class, which has been offered in Canada for about a decade now, was only sold in a gasser config. Presumably to protect Smart sales. The Smart fuel economy numbers are unimpressive given what a small crappy car it is. Even my 2002 Golf TDI got pretty close numbers, and there are now numerous other vehicles on the European market, normal in size, that get better fuel results.

The real problem with those first Smarts cars is the transmission, which is undeniably horrendous.

Same reason for buying a pious. It makes you "feeeel good" (cuz you are savin' tha envir'ment)


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