I would agree on your observations from a functional standpoint, no politics or 
personalities involved.

I would say that in my experience with various factions in our government that 
I found the State Department often played loose and fast with little regard for 
the "rules", if there were any. It was almost always a "do whatever it takes 
and we'll deal with the fallout afterwards" when it was a high visibility or 
high value asset we were doing the work for.  Fortunately, we were not the ones 
who had to deal with fallout, only being the "fixers" in the situation.

That being said, our actions often involved the expenditure of funds that were 
not always warranted. That is, we got paid to clean up someone else's mess 
rather than them holding the responsible party responsible.


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> On Aug 31, 2015, at 10:17 AM, Rich Thomas via Mercedes 
> <mercedes@okiebenz.com> wrote:
> My wife was asking about the classified email stuff over the weekend.  I 
> pointed out that when I had a security clearance (only SECRET not SI/TK) had 
> I done anything remotely close to what she has done -- brought home 
> classified info, emailed info, left info in an unsecured area, copied it to 
> unsecured media -- I would be in some federal prison somewhere, house, cars, 
> bank account, everything would be gone.  And yet here we have a person, who 
> could not have been doing the job correctly without the transmission of large 
> amounts of classified info, day in day out, admitting to having broken the 
> law (no matter the parsing of words).  It is just plainly apparent that this 
> stuff is some very serious criminal behavior. And it is highly likely that 
> all this information has fallen into the hands of the bad guys, which is 
> treasonous behavior.
> I can't stand the woman, but none of that behavior has nothing to do with any 
> political view.  It is just practical application of the law that applies to 
> anyone with a security clearance and access to classified info.  If some 
> low-level staffer in the comms section had been doing this, that person would 
> be bunking with "Chelsea" Manning at Club Fed right now.  I can understand 
> the politics involved here, but that woman should be sitting in a prison cell 
> right now.
> --R


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