I'd say keep em both! You may want a set of road tars and a set of track tars, or as you said, you could change em as you see fit.

Or Mountain(Schnee) tars and desert (200ºF) tars?

Please send my bumper snicker at your convenience!  I am waiting ....

Her actions, by direct and indirect admission, violate secret and above
security clearance regulations. She seems to fail to believe she will be
held accountable at this time. That belief does not relieve her of being
held responsible, it only momentarily delays her ultimate punishment, what
ever that may be.

Should a real leader take office of POTUS and appoint a real Attorney
General, her account will be settled in a way that should make an example
to others for a long time. I don't believe there is a statue of limitation
on treason, or fraud, or murder. It appears there was an active
participation in all three of those.

Now... who was it that wanted a supply of "I'm ready for Hillary" bumper

Mercedes question:  I now have 2 full sets [5 rims each set] of 15 slot
Mercedes rims in 15 inch. One set has been polished, one has not. Which
should I use on my "new CD Coupe" restoration?  Or, keep both sets and
change them as my mood changes?


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