You can watch the vid. BS apology then he went off my colleague and me, we were sitting right in front middle watching him. He would not look at either of us. Some of the others went off on us too. When you throw a rock at a pack of dogs the one that yelps is the one ya hit. We hit 3 or 4.

Black groups NAN and NAACP calling for his resignation which of course he will ignore.

Then another council member started ranting, he was ballistic over a thick notebook of depositions he had received today documenting some extremely disturbing events. MUCH more to come on that.

All in all a good night, we disturbed the balance considerably, and others are now stepping in too.


On 10/13/16 6:35 PM, Max Dillon via Mercedes wrote:
Wow.  Wish I had time to attend.



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