I don't buy the "sealed for life" part at all.  I'll bet there is a kit you
can get to install a dipstick / fill tube and change the fluid.  Is there a
filter too?  If there is no drain on the torque converter, then maybe the
flush would be a good idea, but I'd check around for a reputable BMW shop
and avoid the Quicky-Lube places.

Charleston SC

On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 1:02 PM, Donald Snook <d...@snooklawllc.com> wrote:

> Speaking of transmission fluid and servicing of them, anyone else done a
> transmission flush with the machines that shops have now?   I remember when
> they first came out there was a machine that allegedly pushed the fluid in
> reverse to replace it.   When I worked at the dealership, we had a machine
> that hooked into the cooler lines and cycled a full 14 quarts through the
> transmission -- but not in reverse.  It was the normal direction of flow --
> whatever that means.  But, it worked great.  Years later, I had it done on
> a couple of my wife's cars at another shop.   In fact, I had it done on
> Craigs 1990 300D when I owned it.  I have never had any problems with a car
> after doing the flush.  But, I have heard stories (possibly urban legends)
> that it has caused transmissions to fail.  I'm asking because I am
> considering trying it on my older BMW.  BUT, BMW transmissions are not
> technically serviceable.  There is no dipstick and BMW says it is a sealed
> system and should not be serviced because it is built to last a lifetime.
> I have never had a transmission problem on any of the 5 BMWs I have had.
> So, maybe I shouldn't tempt fate.

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