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> Ugh, flat roof. 
> These walls cost about $50 a running foot, but they're fast and strong
> and well insulated:
> http://www.homedepot.com/p/SmartBlock-6-in-Concrete-Core-84-lb-60-in-H-x-13-3-ft-L-x-10-in-W-Insulated-Concrete-Forms-Bundle-of-20-12VWF6/203012853

That page says,

      6 in. Concrete Core 84 lb. 60 in. H x 13.3 ft. L x 10 in. W
      Insulated Concrete Forms (Bundle of 20)
      $339.00 /bundle 

It would seem the dimensions given are for the section of wall the bundle
can make.

Is that correct?



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