As usual, it’s hotter than Hades and humid like the Amazon, so I got out early 
(8:00) and swapped the fuel filter on the E320 and drained/refilled the power 
steering reservoir.  I really like those special clips they use on later model 
hoses - with my special pliers they just snap off and clip back on again - so 
easy!  I’ll drain and refill the power steering a couple more times in the next 
day or two to completely swap the fluid out.  Also changed the cover on the 
windshield washer reservoir where the coolant heater lines go through.  I 
ordered the part by mistake a couple weeks ago, thinking I was ordering the 
actual cap that snaps on the cover to fill it. Might as well install it, as it 
was inexpensive and I don’t like to return stuff to my dealer unless I really 
don’t need it.

Cleaned up and ran some errands.  Went to my FFL to pick up a semiauto 12 gauge 
Lanber shotgun I bought from a Cabela’s in SD. They didn’t know what they had 
and were selling it cheap.  Pretty much brand new in the box and it cost me 
$250.00.  For that I couldn’t pass it up.  It will make a nice second gun for 
the range if someone tags along.

Drooled over a Winchester 101 they had on the wall.  Nice field gun, but darned 
expensive. I think I’ll continue to work on buying good used guns to get the 
best value for now.

I need to clean the Beretta 686 I bought a couple of weeks ago.  I’ll probably 
do that and clean the Lanber later today, then go break some clays tomorrow 
before it gets too hot.  Oldest son has never been to the range, so I may take 
him and use it as instruction time.  I’ve got 10 cases of ammo I bought a while 
back that I really need to clear out of my closet, too.

Getting new carpeting in the master bedroom and guest room on Monday, so I’ll 
probably work on getting them cleared out as best as possible before the end of 
the day Sunday. The carpet guys move up to five pieces of furniture per room, 
so I’m not doing that, just clearing out all the small stuff.

I found a bunch of old Mercedes promotional literature when I was cleaning out 
the guest room closet.  I may scan some of it and post links here later on.  I 
don’t really have a need for it so I might give it away or put it on eBay.  Not 
sure what kind of value it has.


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