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> Funny story….
> I get a voice mail on my home phone from the inspector:
> “Uh, I came out to check the holes for your piers today, and 15 of the
> 16 look good.  The last one has an issue because there’s a baby skunk
> in the bottom of it.”
> <head slap>
> We called a trapper, animal recovery person, you name it, and every one
> gave us a different suggestion on how to get the baby skunk out of the
> hole (these were four foot deep 12” diameter holes in very heavy clay,
> I might add.)  We knew a woman who did bird of prey rescues in the
> area, so we called her.
> “Put a garden hose down the hole and turn it on.  If the little stinker
> doesn’t drown (or even if he does) he’ll float to the top and you can
> get him out or he’ll leave of his own accord.”
> And that’s what we did.  I dumped a garden hose into the hole, turned
> on the spigot full blast, then retreated into the house to watch from
> inside through the sliding glass doors.  In about 2-3 minutes we could
> see the water level getting near the top, and then the baby skunk comes
> splashing out, walks out onto the lawn, shakes off the water and
> waddles off into the brush behind the house.

Yes, indeed, funny story!

Did he scent the hole when you put the house down?



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