Got home from work and ran the car into the garage.  Pulled the carpets and 
shampooed them.  Pulled the back seat lower cushion.  No bundles of $50s as I 
always hope.  For that matter, no mints, Cheetos or change, either.  Dang it!  
Opened the hood and started in there. Took the air cleaner off and found the 
mounts gone, which is typical. The seal for the MAF is hard as a rock as they 
usually are. Power steering pump reservoir knob is missing and replaced with a 
nut.  Throttle cable is hosed at the adjustment nut where it threads into the 
bracket.  Oil filler cap is cracked.  Vacuum elbow to fuel regulator is 
cracked.  One of the breather hoses on top of the engine is disconnected, but 
all of the hoses are amazingly supple, so they must have been replaced.

I had a spare steering wheel and airbag from youngest son’s S500 which I 
transplanted into the car to replace the trashed steering wheel that was on the 
car.  I could have sworn that I had one with burl on it, but it might have been 
in the S420 that got totaled.  No matter, it’s much nicer now.  I took 
advantage of having the wheel off and cleaned the turn signal and cruise 
control switches.  I was going to pull the instrument cluster as well, but that 
would have taken me down a rabbit hole I didn’t have time for.

Ran a full set of diagnostics with the C3 system and found the following:

ASR: 030 CAN: No reception from EFP N4/1

LH1: 022 Oxygen sensor heater G3/2 -//-, (two opposite “L”s laying down with 
their tops pointing at each other, if that makes sense)

EFP: 009 Control module EFP N4/1
        014 Control Module EFP N4/1
        051 Idle speed safety contact M16/1s2

GM: 006 A/C compressor clutch blocked A9
        009 Voltage supply N3/1 -//-
        010 Fuse F2 or control unit 16/1
        017 Voltage supply module box blower motor M2/2 -//-

I know most of these but not all, so I’ll have to do some research.  I cleared 
all of the faults and will drive the car tomorrow before scanning it again to 
see what pops up.  Realize that some of these faults could be years old and 
resolved a long time ago, but never cleared.

The radio was pissed after I powered back up and is now showing an “E 2” error, 
whatever that is.  More research.

The fuzzy spacer that’s between the seat bottom and console on the driver’s 
seat is AWOL, so I need to figure that one out.  I found the piece in the 
trunk, and it’s definitely broke.  Looks like the seat has to come out to 
replace it.  Ugh.

No lighting in the ACC panel, so all of those bulbs have to be replaced.  I’m 
ordering a full set of copper fuses as well as a bunch of strip fuses, as my 
fuse inventory seems to have been depleted.  I have all the vacuum lines and 
air cleaner mounts, as I keep that stuff on hand since it’s common to so many 
models.  I sorted those on the spot.  Gotta order all of the rest of the stuff.

Tomorrow should be hot and sunny, so I’m planning on slathering it with 
Leatherique and letting the interior bake all day.  Might pull the cluster 
tomorrow after work and see what I need to resurrect the odometer.


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